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[TCML] MOT Measurements

Hi Bart,

> There is "always" action of this type with "any" Cext value 
> and the leakage reactance of the transformer
- Thank you very much for clarifying this.

> Second X to the right represents the 330nF cap values
- The voltage obviously is very close to my measured value of 3675 
Vrms  :-))

> The graph I think also helps to see why one should never consider a
> Cres value with a single MOT. 
- Very similar to NSTs and OBITs which have a much larger secondary 
inductance of course.

> Does this graph help?
- Yes, indeed. Thank you.

> Are you able to throw in your particular MOT values and run the same
> type of resonance simulation that I did above? If not, give me your
> MOT values and basic charging circuit parameters and I can do that for
> you. 
- I am not so experienced in simulations as you are. Therefore I 
would like to accept your generous offer to run the simulation with 
my MOT data: no-load-output-voltage = 2232 Vrms, dc-resistance of 
secondary winding = 70 Ohms, calculated secondary inductance = 30,4 
H, all the other parts were copied from Piranha II.

> BTW, when you disconnected the diodes from the tranny, did you also
> disconnect the cap?
- I first disconnected the diodes and all the other components. Only 
the MOVs (2500 Vrms) were soldered to the secondary winding of the 
MOT. They remained cold.  

Then I connected the Piranha II circuit to the MOT and increased the
number of MOTs until the stayed cold. A string of 3675 Vrms was 
necessary now. OK?

Take care,


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