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Re: [TCML] Ballasting my Homemade Transformer.



A rough calculation of power handling ability of a typical laminated silicon steel magnetic transformer core can be obtained from the formula:

Area [sq in] = 0.16 * SQRT(VA)


bartb wrote:
The cross sectional area is the determinant. For an analogy of sorts, think of current in the core as a very large conductor whose geometry is a single loop. The current in this loop is the same at all points along the loop (series circuit). Cross sectional area is what you want to concentrate on. Actually, you will have higher core losses with a long core versus a short core (Eddy and Hysteresis). This is a good reason to keep cores as small and practical as possible from an electrical standpoint, but the major reason would be weight and cost.

But yes, it certainly does open up the winding window, and for high voltage transformers, this is a good thing because it allows some area for the windings (you don't have to put 10 pounds of _/you know what/_ in a 5 pound box).

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