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Re: [TCML] ignition coil pulse generator

In the old days there were breaker points.  The points would close, the
coil would energize and when they opened the sudden change in magnetic
field would cause a high voltage pulse in the coil.  With electronic
ignition, you have a sensor that detects when the distributor shaft is in
the correct position and it then breaks the flow of current to the coil.

You may be able to rig a door bell buzzer to provide the same sort of

One thing I've often wondered about is the small size of the ignition
coils.  Based on size alone, they couldn't be much more powerful than a
7.5kV 30ma transformer.  If so, they'd be in use everywhere for an
economical way to get high voltage a decent currents.  Maybe someone more
knowledgable on this part of the matter could comment.


On Wed, 2 Sep 2009, Rhys Sage wrote:

> I was about to set to work building a 555-based pulse generator for an ignition coil in order to build the first half of my high-voltage generator when I had a thought... Cars run off 12v. They must already have a solution for this. Is there some form of pulse generator already in a car to get the coil going or is it all run off the alternator? If there is then it would seem much simpler to use that rather than build my own pulse generator.
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