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Re: [TCML] ignition coil pulse generator

On Wednesday 02 September 2009 01:20:40 pm Rhys Sage wrote:
> I was about to set to work building a 555-based pulse generator for an
> ignition coil in order to build the first half of my high-voltage generator
> when I had a thought... Cars run off 12v. They must already have a solution
> for this. Is there some form of pulse generator already in a car to get the
> coil going or is it all run off the alternator? If there is then it would
> seem much simpler to use that rather than build my own pulse generator.
> Rhys Sage

Unless you are using a Model T coil which has its own vibrator/ interrupter 
built in...

If it is simplicity you are after the light dimmer (ceiling fan speed control, 
it is made for inductive load)/capacitor is as simple as it gets. 
See:http://wiki.4hv.org/index.php/Ignition_Coil for a schematic.

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