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Re: [TCML] Capacitor calculator?

Very nice! What do you use other than peroxide bottles?

Dan K.

Hi Brian,

I use a Leyden jar battery with my coils. The way I do it, I make a sample single jar and test its capacitance with a handheld meter. I make few more and test them to make sure I'm getting consistent results. For example, I make a dry jar using polypropylene canisters and aluminum soda cans that always clocks in at 450 to 500 pF. By linking a bunch of these in parallel I get the capacitance I want. See http://www.instructables.com/id/Soda_Can_Leyden_Jar/

I don't make salt water jars. Liquids are heavy and messy, and I worry about glass breakage. I've never had one of my homemade Leyden jars break, melt, or arc over. Based on spark length when charged with my Wimshurst machine, I estimate the voltage rating of my jars at 100 KV.


Paul Thompson

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