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[TCML] Ok now heres everything with finshed sencondary coil...all wired to go.

Heres the completed coil with secondary wounded. Only thing stopping me from 
plugging it in is the variac which im waiting for. Some quick specs: NST: 
6KV/60ma, 8 turns of primary 1/4" tubing for outer dia of 17", secondary i used 
a 1,000 ft roll about 900-1000 turns 28awg, its 22" tall 3.5" diameter all the 
red wires are 14awg, 6 Cornell Dubilier .015uF 2KV capacitors, a topload of a 
dryer venting 14.5" outer diameter, 2' X 2' aluminum sheet for counterpoise 
under, 7 tubes of copper with A/C powered fan for static gap, and three bolts 
for a safety gap. Well thats it in a nutshell and whatever u see in the pic. 
Thanks for all you guys help and advice :)


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