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Re: [TCML] MMC Caps

Hi All,

Before assuming too much, maybe dig into the TCML archives to find out the history of MMC's in TC use. The "guy" referred to below is none other than one of the best moderators the TCML has ever had the pleasure to moderate this great list - Terry Fritz. Terry has done more for the advancement of Tesla Coil theory, measurements, and construction than anyone I know of. And Terry had some of the best equipment most coilers only dream of. Take a peak at Terry's testing of MMC's back in the day when people were still building salt water caps, rolled poly caps, and the like.


Most everything you need to know regarding his testing of MMC's is documented there. Also, take a look at the list archives to get a better comprehension of history and facts (sure beats putting foot in mouth). It's always easy to reverse engineer anything as opposed to doing it creatively for the first time. I don't remember how the 940's got on the bad list, but knowing Terry, there was probably a reason (maybe end foil construction, maybe the application of the time, maybe to play it safe given MMC's were relatively new then).

Of course, many caps even on the bad cap list can be used as long as their parameters are not exceeded (this is key to just about everything isn't it?). And isn't this all that Steve was saying in his reply? So often we rely on listings or even envision some super program that just spits out everything perfectly. Nah, don't rely on that, do the math and define those parameters. Then see if your cap would be a good fit. If you don't know the math off the top of your head then guess what (no one does). RESEARCH IT. If you can't do that, then your forced to rely on recommendations.

Just food for thought for those that were not part of that great era on the TCML.
Take care,

Joe Mastroianni wrote:
And I don't know why that guy put that info on his website  that says "KNOWN BAD CAPS FOR TESLA COILS".   Seriously, don't know if he had a bad experience or just heard a rumor.  So you can't believe what you read on websites and on newsgroups. Imagine that.

And if there is some way a guy building a coil in his garage with the instruments he's got at hand is supposed to be able to measure all that precisely, let me know.  I've got as much test equipment as the next guy, but not everyone does.
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