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Re: [TCML] America's Got Talent

Gary Lau wrote:
In ArcAttack's initial AGT performance, they performed on the same
stage/venue as all the other acts.  But in their most recent semi-final (?)
performance, they said that due to the extreme danger of this, they had to
perform is a specially constructed outside venue.  I'm wondering, was this
due to EMI concerns?  I think that if one were using a spark gap coil of
that magnitude, I'd be very concerned with EMI messing up a whole range of
electronic things integral to a studio's operation. Do DRSSTC's have the
same EMI issues as SGTC's?  If so, this sounds like a significant obstacle
for such performances in common venues.  What Vegas casino wants to put
their lighting, computer, and security systems at risk?

It's not such a big deal as all that. I've seen biggish coils operated on a shooting set with cameras, etc, in fairly close proximity (not taking a strike, but say, within 20 feet).

A bigger issue is the "fear of radiation" In a public performance venue, one wants to make sure that no paying spectator comes back 10 years later and claims that "the eeeevil EM fields from that coil made me have this hard to define disorder and I can't sleep at night, my girlfriend left me, etc.". Such claims could be successfully fought, but it's not free.

The field calculations are simple and convincing. The measurements to confirm this slightly more complex. The liability insurance premium for the engineer doing it, spectacularly high (well beyond what it's worth to do the job)

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