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Re: [TCML] America's Got Talent

I dont typically have any EMI issues with our large DRSSTCs with the
exception of the sparks striking targets (namely, mains ground).  The sparks
seem to generate impressive bursts of noise in the 5-15 MHz region on my
large coil (which was demo'd at Eds last year).  This was measured with a
digital storage scope and a probe hanging in the air in the vicinity of the
coil.  Generally ive never had EMI problems until getting ground strikes,
which id believe is a common problem with any TC.  The solid state
electronics are less noisy than a spark gap, and the very nature of the
design puts heavy amounts of filtering on the power input which also serve
to suppress EMI (though it likely still wouldnt ever pass EMC testing
without some more serious filtering).  As of late, the state-of-the-art in
SSTCs now have even better zero-current switching of the power switches that
drive the primary, which reduces high-frequency hash by a great deal, making
them even "quieter", of course the RF of the spark discharge is still
horrible ;-).

I advised the arcattack guys to use large sheets of aluminum screening as
their RF ground when they did their first appearance on the TV show, they
said it seemed to work out quite well as far as they could tell (no one

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