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Re: [TCML] America's Got Talent - Camera interference

After 14 TV shoots I have seen TV cameras monitors turn to hash on a number of occasions. (scary on a $50,000 unit). My large coil within say 20+ feet will certainly cause a problem. Even without a boom mike, headphones or other extraneous leads. The most marked problem was paradoxically with my smallest coil. The scenario: Kid holding an earthed neon tube to draw sparks. 3 network cameras jostle in for a close view. I warn them about not getting too close. Kid pulls back. Sparks output is no longer loaded and TC radiation increases. All 3 cameras suddenly pull back with hash on their monitors. Scenario was here at 1:29 in this shoot. (I provided the "Big bang" with a 2kJ explosion from my cap bank as well as the tiny TC).
I've never had camera interference but I am conservatively safe.

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Gary Lau wrote:
In ArcAttack's initial AGT performance, they performed on the same
stage/venue as all the other acts. But in their most recent semi-final (?) performance, they said that due to the extreme danger of this, they had to perform is a specially constructed outside venue. I'm wondering, was this
due to EMI concerns?  I think that if one were using a spark gap coil of
that magnitude, I'd be very concerned with EMI messing up a whole range of
electronic things integral to a studio's operation. Do DRSSTC's have the
same EMI issues as SGTC's? If so, this sounds like a significant obstacle
for such performances in common venues.  What Vegas casino wants to put
their lighting, computer, and security systems at risk?

It's not such a big deal as all that. I've seen biggish coils operated on a shooting set with cameras, etc, in fairly close proximity (not taking a strike, but say, within 20 feet).

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