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[TCML] Solid State Spark Gap

Hi Brian, Terry Fritz, Antonio and company worked out the circuitry for the
SISG (Sidac Spark Gap) gap. I?ve built several SISG gap coils and they work
fantastic. Ratings must be observed however. I had to go to a smaller cap to
keep the current within reason. I have a utoob vid up of my SISG running on
my pole xmfr. at 14.4KV. The Dual Resonant  jobs are a switch-mode PS
driving either a ½ bridge or a full-bridge transistor set up. Generally the
DR?s use a doubled 240 line for a PS. The SISG uses 1200 volt transistors at
1000 amps peak current, each module conducts at 1000 volts. So 11 of them in
series conducts at 11KV.  James

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