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[TCML] need help

Hello to all,

This is my 1st post at this club!

I'm an avid admirer of tesla coils and the people that make them!

I need some help with a tesla project for a school musical.
I have seen several tesla coils in action and know what they can do and the dangers they produce.

Here is what I'm trying to do
I need to build a tesla coil that can be attached to 42 inch vertical ring that has a 6 inch plate in the center.The discharge would go from the small center plate to the outer ring.
So here are my questions.

question 1 What size tesla would I need to make to get discharges (roughly) 20 inches away?

question 2 Roughly what would be the cost for the construction?

3rd question. If I put plexiglas on both sides of the ring will that contain the discharge?
in other words can plexiglass shield you from the discharges.

4th question. If I do go with the plexiglass and make it air tight what would happen if I put argon gas inside?
Will that make the bolts act differently?

5th question Can those bolts go thru wood?

I've read thru your safety sheet, and believe I can create a safe environment, however that all hinges on what the
static discharges will and will not go thru.
My number one concern is safety of the actors and crew, which is the reason I'm contacting your club. I've been told this site has the best people with the most knowledge of tesla coils. So I'm relying on your expertise. So what do you think? Should I find a safer way( video or lights), or do you think this is possible?
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