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Re: [TCML] DC SGTC charging inductor

Speak for yourself, Tesla  ;o)

Around here, the local waste transfer station won't let me take old microwaves any more, 'cause they say that their scrap value is too high. Only time I can snag an old MWO is if I see one that someone has left illegally at the curb on trash day, and even then, they don't last long.

On top of that, the newest ovens use high frequency solid state inverter circuitry and a small coil resembling a glorified TV flyback transformer instead of the old big iron MOTs. Utterly useless for TC applications.

Grab those old MWOs while you can!


On 2/24/2013 2:08 PM, Tesla wrote:
Thanks for this advice, guess it was too good to be true, MOT's are good for the job and easy to get thank goodness

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