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[TCML] Re: Primary/Sec. Frequency

After much number plugging into JAVATC, I finally got the resonant frequencies of the primary and secondary to balance. The final numbers are 142.64 KHz and 141.64, respectively with these design parameters:

6" dia. sec. wound with 1350 turns 22 ga., 36.45" winding length or 59.45 Ht. 2
8 turn primary, 4.5" Radius 1
Primary cap - .04 uF
Primary lead length 30" of .2
Toroid - minor dia. 8", major dia. 24", center ht. 64.95, disc ID 0.0"dsc OD 8" disc Ht. 64.95
HV power supply - 14,400 PT. Testing with Jacobs ladder drew a max of 30 amps with a 500' spool of 12 ga.

The above is not what I expected, especially the small number of primary turns and primary cap size.

Am I headed in the right direction finally? Any comments or suggestions appreciated - please.


Tim Flood

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