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[TCML] Dr. Godfrey Loudner, deceased former member

Dr. Godfrey Loudner, avid Tesla experimenter and collector passed away.  His collection of transformers amount to a ton (plus), ranging in size from a few watts, up to a 5 KVA "pole pig", with the majority of many dozens of transformers somewhere in-between.  He has a Tesla Toroid (3'), and other miscellaneous electronic gear....

It falls upon me to "liquidate" this collection.  I would prefer this gear go to people who can appreciate this collection, rather than my having to scrap it out. I'm hoping your Tesla members would have some suggestions as to what to do with Dr. Loudner's collection?


Jack N. Davey
PO Box 608
Mission, SD 57555

303 947 4339 (cell)
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