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Re: [TCML] Burnt Joint (Cap Bank)

On 5/12/13 1:08 PM, Mike Gray wrote:
Okay thanks for that - I'm not too bothered about transparency in the
plastic, and it appears that the transparency will cost you extra, so I'll
go for some HDPE. Black probably, should look quite smart.

oops.. when it comes to HV, "black is bad"..

A lot of times they use carbon black (a conductor) as the pigment. You'd want to get a small sample and try it. If it's a $5 cutting board, that's easy. If you're ordering from a plastics distributor, get the breakdown voltage specs, or have them send you a small sample for testing.

Anyway before I order I need to know what minimum width I'm going to need
on the sheet, and since I need to re-wind my secondary I will probably make
it a bit wider and taller. My current secondary, at 5.6cm diameter and 27cm
tall, only has approximately 600 turns... which should be more like 1000+

600 is fine. It's really more about what the inductance and capacitance are, relative to the series resistance. Run one of the modeling tools.

You're at 4.8:1 height/diameter which is fine. When people talk about long and skinny, they're talking about those 30" tall by 3" diameter coils wound on mailing tubes that were popular in the 60s and 70s.

If I used a 4" diameter form for the secondary, and wound a 50cm tall coil
on that, that would give me just over 1000 turns. Are those dimensions
suitable for me? My NST is 10kV, 50mA.

Run JavaTC and find out. You're right at 5:1 which is fine. You might want to look at reducing the number of turns. slightly bigger wire will have less loss. Spacewinding (e.g. with monofilament between turns) might be another idea.


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