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Re: [TCML] Mot power supply question

Hi Andrew,

I dont know what will cause your problem.  Is it the secs or the primarys that burns?  

Like others whom have responded, I also have a "six pack" mot psu, and have never had a problem.  My primaries are wired two in parallel, then three sets of two in parallel for 240 in.  
All secondaries phased in series, with the center grounded, inside cores grounded, outer four cores isolated from ground (which is important, as they are seeing more voltage
than they were intended to).  The inside four cores are also disconnected from secs.  As a precaution from high voltage flash overs, I packed the disconnected secs with epoxy. 
 I ended up with almost 14000 volt secs, and generally drive it up to 280 volts in. I also removed all shunts in the cores.  It is also under Shell DialaAX oil.  So far, I have only used a sync rotory gap and
I use variable external inductive ballasting, and due to my coil geometry, I use a large Cp and start with a small gap in my ballast, then open it up empirically.

BTW, when I built my bank, I seried all secondaries, and left all primaries open,  I then back fed the secondaries with 12 volts ac,  and phased the primaries together with a volt meter. 

This is all probalbly redundant to you, and i dont have the theoretical comprehension that many on this list do... Im more trial and error. learn from my mistakes type.  I do know that when graduating to 
high power levels, things get more complicated.  Especially in engineering the PSU.


On Thu 16/05/13  8:37 AM , Andrew Webster <andrew600rr@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

 problems burning up my
> mots. Not always the last ones on the legs either. 
> Thanks in advance!
> -Andrew
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