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Re: [TCML] Matt tesla

Or, your primary resonant frequency could be way too high and you need about 4x the primary capacitance.


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On 5/16/13 7:38 PM, Matthew Hebb wrote:
yes the do apperntly since thats what ive been told i need and oh so
its basicly the same type of capacitor that spark gap ones use well
thats less complicated than i expected.

So on another topic i have a
very odd thing happening when i use the system from my small spark
gap tesla coil to run my big coil ( just to tune it and see what i
can get with 9kv ) i get 2 foot sparks which is about the same as the
smaller coil got but here is the thing i need somone to explain to
me. For some reason there coming from the secondary not the torrid
the will come from all over the secondary arc wharever they want its
just crazy nothing comes from the torrid but if the torrids not there
nothing happens.... so what i wonder is is this caused by somthing
wrong with the coil or just because the system for my little coil is
not designed for this one?

Sparks all along the secondary, instead of from the toroid?

(note spelling.. torrid is "hot", toroid is a shape.. spell checker says
both are ok).

You might have what's called "racing sparks".. often from overcoupling
between primary and secondary, or, too big a toroid without a breakout
point.  The voltage gets too high, and you're getting a breakdown along
the secondary. If you put a breakout point on your toroid, you can start
a spark from the toroid earlier...

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