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Re: [TCML] Burnt Joint (Cap Bank)

HDPE expands and contracts a LOT due to temperature. I've worked with sizes up to 48" and it's much thicker than PVC for a given pressure rating. I've seen lateral connections expand in distance (length) over the course of several hours, to where they could not longer be connected. It grows in length and girth, and if confined in one dimension - say girth by covering it with wire - it will grow in length.

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Hi Mike,

HDPE pipe will also work, and this material is often used as 
distribution piping, usually colored a bright yellow, by natural gas 
companies. HDPE resists tracking quite well, but it is very slippery - 
it's sometimes called poor man's Teflon. When used as a coil form, it 
should be first coated with a layer of polyurethane varnish and 
preferably wound (while still tacky) to prevent the secondary winding 
from literally sliding off the form. This can especially be a problem if 
the secondary is subjected to wide temperature variations.
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