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Re: [TCML] Burnt Joint (Cap Bank)

The only down side to drainage pipe vs. drinking water pipe is the quality control. Pressure pipe used to carry potable water is more highly regulated with respect to contaminates. They also make pressure pipe for sewage. This is only theoretical, as there have been posts relating experience with conductive contaminants, but they never mentioned whether it was for potable water use. My 10-1/4" secondary is wound on water pipe, which is pretty heavy.

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On 05/21/2013 11:34 AM, Mike Gray wrote:
> For the same money I can get roughly 250% more PVCu tube from here:
> http://www.pipestock.com/pvc/pvc-pipe/pvc-pipe-10-bar-metric/
> So is there any real difference between acrylic and PVCu? What's the
> electrical property of primary concern here, relative permittivity?
> I'm still wondering about that volume resistivity figure I was given for
> the PVCu... anyone able to shed some light on that one?
> Or am I over-engineering this whole decision...? Is it just a case that any
> old (pure) plastic will do a good job?

From my understanding, it makes little to no difference in the 
functional performance of a tesla coil.  Some have taken steps to ensure 
that their PVC pipe is lower in moisture content, often by hanging a 
lightbulb inside of the tube to help warm it up, and then coating it in 
polyurethane (or other compound) to help seal it up.

Personally, I just keep the pieces I use in the house, and they have 
worked out fine for me.  I do prefer the "drainage" type of PVC pipe 
(ASTM D2729 here in the states), as it has a much thinner wall than PVC 
pipe intended for use for pressurized water.


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