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Re: [TCML] VTTC question.

Hi Matt,

Matching is good thing. The obvious advantage is double the plate current
and half the impedance which would make the primary more manageable I would
think. We have seen plenty of dual tube 833A's or C's in the archives. I
still have some interest in that, as big iron will retreat with my advancing

I have four original EF Johnson sockets and the original plate and grid heat
sinks rat holed. I have some used 833a's but when I go after this the C
versions are more available now. Please post your experiences. It seems to
me John Freau was one of the go to guys on this subject.

He had a wicked picture on his old AOL site of a pole pig driven one into
near melt down ;-^)

Jim Mora  

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Hi All,

I was wondering if 833s can be paralleled in a Hartley or Armstrong
oscillator circuit, or if the small differences between them would cause one
to do all the work while the other just provides heat for the shop. I have 4
and was thinking of using them in pairs on each side. Anyone have experience
in this?

Matt D.
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