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Re: [TCML] VTTC question.

Dear Matt,
I have no technical training,  but I have ran tubes in parallel. The
capacitance of the tubes is added changing the tuning of the circuit and
the impedance goes down.

I ran 4kw when I was a bit dumber through two GU81ms. They were unmatched
and both of the anodes had the same amount of glow. I only ran it for 10s
at a time :)

Personally I wouldn't bother with tubes in parallel because of the added
complexity and increased risk of failure. If there were a push pull
oscillator I would but not on a VTTC.

You would be better off getting a bigger transmitting tube and running
lower power through it.

On 17/08/2014 7:49 AM, "mddeming--- via Tesla" <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi All,
> I was wondering if 833s can be paralleled in a Hartley or Armstrong
> oscillator circuit, or if the small differences between them would cause
> one to do all the work while the other just provides heat for the shop. I
> have 4 and was thinking of using them in pairs on each side. Anyone have
> experience in this?
> Matt D.
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