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[TCML] Charging inductor design initial thoughts

Hello Group,

I am interested in winding my own charging inductor(s). My serious handicap
here is I didn't study Calculus. Much I am reading is in Physics forums as
the energy stored in an inductor seems to be a homework and common study
problem. I understand the t1,t2, etc in practical ways more commonly in
capacitor charging and discharging so I am hoping to forgo the Calculus in
this area.

I never thought I would need typing or Spanish near the end of the sixties
either in Chicago. Wow, how things change!

I have some interesting dual C cores that are presently occupying the center
of a 480 /208v step down transformer of supposed 10KVA rating (possible
donor). The two adjacent cores form the center so the transformer is
surrounded by the flux. It does weigh well over 100 lbs >(45.36kg)

The (2) C core dimensions are 4" (101.6) wide x 1.625" (41.275) thick. Cross
section = 6.5"^2 or (4193.54)mm^2. The winding windows are 2"(50.8) X
6.25"(158.75) thus they stand 9.5"(241.3) tall.

*** I am going to make some basic early assumptions: My 6P DC supply will
output ~ 11KV @ up to maybe 10KVA. The inductor core or cores will be well
stood off ground by beefy ceramics. The inner most turn on the bobbin should
logically be the LV side. This will be submerged in oil and have an air
(oil) gap. It sort of makes sense to me to wind two for flexibility, or if
one can cut it with these dimensions two coils on one core. The former seems
more practical intuitively. I have not tried to figure the number of turns
and have a guesstimate on wire size of #22AWG. Larger of smaller? *** What
say you about these C cores for openers?

Thanks Much,
Jim Mora

This will be yet another "learning experience";-^)

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