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[TCML] Magnifier Coil/Extra Coil for VTTC

Dear Group,
I would like assistance on how to design an extra coil for a VTTC. I
have two questions:

1.) Should I design the coil to have the same resonant frequency as the
actual frequency of the Tesla Coil? (686-706kHz)
2.) Should the coil match the resonant frequency of the secondary coil

In the article "A Radio Frequency High Voltage Apparatus for X-Ray
Therapy" which can be found here:

In this article they describe a oscillator with a 1 turn primary and a
12 turns secondary which produces over 1 million volts. Has anyone
reproduces this?

Also in this article: A Technical Analysis of the Extra Coil as a Slow
Wave Oscillator available here:

In this article they quote Tesla's diary:
"…the secondary of latest type, 20 turns of two wires no. 10. The
primary consisted of one turn, the two primary cables being connected in
multiple arc. The ratio of conversion being thus 1:20, the emf at the
terminals of the secondary, with the primary excited, to full power, was
about 400,000."

How was Tesla and Sloan able to produce such tremendous voltages with so
few turns of wire and why don't we construct them as he did?

In the article they quote Tesla again:
"It is a notable observation that these 'extra coils' with one of the
terminals free, enable the attainment of practically any emf the limits
being so far remote, that I would not hesitate in undertaking to produce
sparks of thousands of feet in length in this manner. Owing to this
feature, I expect that this method of the emf with an open coil [i.e., a
resonator] will be recognized later as a material and beautiful advance
in the art. No such pressures – even in the remotest degree, can be
obtained with resonating [lumped] circuits otherwise constituted with
two terminals forming a closed path.14"

They also state that the third coil or magnifier works by Voltage
Standing Wave Ratio not resonance. If this is the case I could construct
a VTTC that produced 50kv with a small secondary and then using VSWR in
a third coil produce much longer sparks than a secondary could do alone.

Any thoughts or more information most appreciated.

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