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[TCML] How I modified the 3 phase for dual wye 5KV 2xI

Hello Group,

I posted few more pictures on my blog spot. The tap that goes down to the
standoff goes under the other two legs and joins the star point at the back.
It is held off of ground to reduce HV stress ( of coarse the primary Wye is
grounded for safety from the factory) and phase fault interruption.

There is also a couple of pictures of the recent door stop transformer I
acquired. The tag does indeed say 10KVA. It was a fortuitous find. I have
found some bobbins that will fit it as well. I have a choice of sectional
(good for HV I would think) or two bobbins to fill the window. Otherwise,
the sectional would be 4 winding windows per leg. Either way, I can do both
legs with these for series or parallel. Two cores may be better. Saturation
may be an issue since it is pulsed DC. I'm not really clear on that except
clearly there is always a voltage change going on and resonance with the
tank cap between breaks.

There is a fair amount of threads in the Pupman achieves, but I did not land
on one that actually is a walk through on construction of a charge inductor
in this power range, other than MOT's. I have a fair amount of magnet wire
remnants on spools so I will proceed with a sectioned bobbin and measure one
section inductance and resistance starting with #22 AWG. I would like to end
up with two 4 or 5 Henry chokes that can hold off 22KV min resonant rise.
Again these will gapped and be under oil and well isolated at the core. I
may be able to produce 10KVA with the supply. If there is sag, I will resort
to the dreadful Cprimary cap of 10x or 20x my tank cap as stated by Bert
Hickman. The whole idea of the 6 pulse is to avoid this deadly cap which
dictates a stiff transformer supply. After the Raytheon is back together,
I'm in for some bench experimentation over some time!

Check out the couple of new pics.

Jim Mora


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