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Re: [TCML] Air compressor quenching

Local agricultural supplies has much cheaper dewar rent and LN2 than welding gas supplier. Leaving plenty left over to freeze bulls semen.
Now thats even more off topic.


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Hi Jim,

At the risk of drifting OT, I must jump in here and ask how you are able obtain 180 L of LN2 for ~$70 when I was locally quoted around ~$4.75/L a couple of years ago! I happen to own a 111 L cryogenic container (not a pressurized dewar, just a bio-specimen preserving cryo storage tank, with the non-sealing styrofoam lid -- retails new for ~$3500 -- eBay special ~$200, including S&H) and I was trying to locate a local supplier of LN2 (just to have a little cryogenic fun) and received this "shocking" price quote from a local welding supply jobber! Maybe I should've "shopped around" a bit more, but I found that most industrial cryogenic liquid suppliers in my locale were geared toward tanker truck quantity purchases of the cold stuff, and were only set up to dispense it into a sealed, pressure dewar tank. The only supplier that could accommodate my non-pressurized storage dewar to dispense LN2 by the liter was the welding supply that was asking nearly $5/L! Needless to say, I quickly abandoned the idea of purchasing 50-100 L (@ ~$5/L) of LN2 just to "have fun with", but I still have that 111 L storage dewar sitting around ;^/


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