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Re: [TCML] secondary form

Hi Bob,

It's best to ask on the list so that others can benefit as well. I'll copy the list.

You should be fine with your ideas and shouldn't have any performance problems. Last I heard, pvc was a good medium to use.

I don't think the grooving is necessry and last I heard (again), you are better off having the wires right next to each other.


 On Thu, 13 Nov 2014, robert massa wrote:

    Have decided  to build 6" coil.  
 Have a piece of thick walled 5/16" thick  white  PVC water line. 
   1)  Does the wall thickness affect performance ?  
  2)    The pipe is not  perfectly round and I'm thinking of putting at least one plug in the middle along with internal
end caps to hold it's shape and then turning it in my lathe to true it up.  The plastic plug or plugs shouldn't affect it ?
        Was also toying with the idea of grooving for the wire.  Any input would be greatly appreciated. 
  Thanks for all the info I've gleened from this list .  It has been a rewarding hobbie.    
                                                                             Best regards, Bob Massa
                                                                                                    Alton, Illinois

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