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Re: [TCML] Making a larger toroid ideas

On 4/3/15 5:08 AM, Brian Hall wrote:
I've thought about using a pool noodle wrapped around a disc as a toroid, covered in aluminum tape. There are some hollow pool noodles such that a slit could be cut along the axis to give it a grip around the circumference of the disc.  But would a larger diameter of the overall toroid width make up for the fairly small  diameter of the pool noodle?


The minor diameter (size of the tube) determines the breakout voltage, so you generally don't want a skinny large diameter topload (e.g. a pizza pan with a rolled edge isn't good).

However, maybe you can make two layers of noodles. The idea of a foam that is already *mostly* the right shape. Put your first layer on, then slit another and wrap the first noodle with 2 or 3 other noodles.

Or find a long flat strip of flexible polyethylene foam and wrap it.

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