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Re: [TCML] My first tesla coil

On 04/09/2015 07:38 AM, Timothy Gilmore wrote:
> Thanks for sharing Doug.
> One question to the group...as I am building my new toroid, I was under the
> impression that a smooth surface like I saw with Doug's machined toroid
> would provide only 1-2 sparks but I saw many like I get on my aluminum
> ducting toroid. Is this the case also with machined toroids?

Smooth or not, too small of a toroid will tend to produce multiple
sparks; this is what I observed with my current coil when I had the
(smooth) toroid from my previous coil on it, even though I had a
breakout point (more like breakout hump).

When I built the larger topload, I was back to one single streamer.

Some people prefer to have multiple streamers.  As for myself, I prefer


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