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Re: [TCML] balancing transformers

On 12/1/15 11:38 AM, Chris Boden wrote:
If you're doing it with dual generators you also have to take frequency
into account. They *will* lock up perfectly in sync, but it makes really
expensive sounds when it happens.

Bad.....bad sounds......and little parts in the top of the engine get to
find new homes.

Don't ask how I know this. I of course was never there, don't know anything
about what happened to that generator, and you can't prove it anyways. I
was in bible study all night.

I'm curious to see answers on the other side of this though, it's a problem
I've never come across.

Modern inverter generators (or solar panels with microinverters) are pretty good at synchronizing without pain.

The question comes up when you've got a combination of 240V and 120V loads.. (just like in a house) and you've got 120V generators/sources (or a 240V only source).

If the load is "mostly balanced" between the two sides, then series the generators (which are presumed synchronized) and you're done. But if they're not, and you put a big 240V load on, you're probably going to run into trouble.

And writing this, it came to me:

on a single 240V source, you could feed a single winding autotransformer with a center tap used as neutral. If the loads are balanced, then very little current flows in the center tap, and just the magnetizing current would flow in the autotransformer. The rating of the transformer would need to be sufficient to carry the neutral current (plus the presumably small magnetizing current)

The same would apply if you seriesed two 120V sources (in phase) and then fed the autotransformer.

And, then, since the center tap is at 120V from either rail, there's no reason to not connect the center point of the two seriesed generators to the centertap of the autotransformer.

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