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Re: [TCML] Help Selling Tesla Coil Items

I have previously discussed just this eventuality with my wife. I do not know any local coilers, nor do I have any single item of much value.
I also do not want to give a high voltage item to an inexperienced person.
I told her that it would be simplest to get several dumpsters and throw out the whole lot. The cash generated and the difficulties of pricing, describing and packing stuff are not worth the effort in a time of grief and stress. My website and media involvement will be my legacy, not the material possessions.

Peter Terren

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Can anyone please advise me on how to sell a lot of Tesla-coil items? I'm not sure what many of the items are. I lost my husband, Chuck Cook, 4 years ago and our house is filled with Chuck's treasures---transformers, pole pigs, capacitors, etc. Chuck loved Tesla coiling. I wrote to the Tesla List a few years ago, but shortly after writing, I did a big swan dive into depression and lost track of everyone. I'm a big fan of eBay, but most of the items are very heavy and shipping would be difficult. Any advice or help would be deeply appreciated. Thank you so much!


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