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Re: [TCML] Maxed out??

On 7/28/16 6:14 AM, Scott Bogard wrote:
What type of spark gap do you use?  If you weren't using an NST, I'd
strongly suggest going with an asynchronous rotary.  That way you can time
your bangs with the time constant of the tank cap you already have, for
maximum current input from the wall. This works great for MOT and pig
systems, but NST's are a bit frail in async duty, due to the possibility of
irregular bangs, so a larger cap might be the way to go...
At any rate, whenever someone says they are under-performing I always look
at the spark gap first, cap size will help with bad quenching, but a better
cap design with some air cooling is always a cheaper first step, and
necessary for a resized cap anyway.
Just my two cents...

Scott Bogard.

I'd agree with Scott here.. if all you have is a couple bolt heads or a spherical ball gap, then that's also a trouble point.

Do you have air blowing on the gap (even a slow flow from a little muffin fan helps a lot).

Some sort of higher performance static gap might help: I use three parallel 1" copper tubes about 2" long on a NST coil, with a small fan blowing the length of the tubes. That gives you 2 gaps in series ( a bit more loss) which are 2" long, but with gentle radius of curvature. With the fan blowing on it, the sparks don't congregate and form a glowing hotspot.

A sync rotary or triggered static is probably what you'd need to get ultimate performance. The Freau equation of inches = 1.7*sqrt(watts) is derived from highly optimized rotary gap system. It's a goal to shoot for, not a "you can expect this for any coil at this power"

For your 12*90 that works out to 56".. I doubt you can get there with a static gap.
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