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Re: [TCML] Tesla Current Draw

*Run that is, not ruin :-)

On 22/12/17, 3:55 pm, "Ian McLean" <austesla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Hi Dennis,
>If you have proper RCD¹s installed, it is unlikely you will trip a 15A
>circuit with 18A at least for the sort of runs lengths you do on a Tesla
>I regularly ruin my tube coil at between 30A-40A from a wall socket.  The
>RCD is only 20A, but it has never tripped even with a 2 minute run.
>On 22/12/17, 2:40 pm, "Tesla on behalf of dennis otmaskin"
><tesla-bounces@xxxxxxxxxx on behalf of dotmaskin@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>Hi I'm hoping someone from the list can offer advice some advice and
>>suggestions.  I am replacing the 15/60 NST on my current static gap coil
>>with a de-potted NST with some shunts removed so that it puts out 15000v
>>Running different designs on Javascript Coil Designer, I'm finding that
>>Effective Input Current (current draw?) runs over 18 rms amps. My wall
>>outlets in the garage are all 15 amp.  So if I'm understanding this
>>correctly, it looks like I would be constantly tripping the circuit
>>when running the coil at full variac voltage.  I've run different cap
>>through Java TC but cant seem to get around the 18 amp draw.
>>To get the current draw to just below 15 amps, I would have to dial the
>>variac down to 106 volts which would reduce the spark length
>>substantially.  I'm thinking that I am pretty much stuck with a systems
>>that is limited to 106 volt input.  Do you think this is the case?  I'm
>>hoping that I don't have to rewire my garage outlets for 20 amps just for
>>my coil.  Any suggestions would be most appreciated.
>>Thanks, Dennis
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