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Re: [TCML] Low Power Coil Questions

On 2/1/17 4:15 PM, Gary Lau wrote:
Hi Guape,

point of arcing, I would recommend using a cylinder gap made of copper
pipes, that arc along the length of the pipes.  There is some debate over
using multi-segment gaps or single segment gaps.  I favor single segment
gaps with a vacuum cleaner motor to move a lot of air - construction and
adjustment are easier and I believe losses are lower in single segment gaps.

parallel segments of copper pipe work really well.. they cool well, they're easy to adjust. I like three segments in a triangle.. the two "outer" segments can be bolted down, and you can adjust just the one between them to get the gap spacing and even-ness right. That middle piece is "floating" electrically.

But, two pieces of pipe works well too.

4. Bigger IS Better on all TC components.
 But be warned -
step 4 is a slippery slope and you may embark on a never-ending quest of
constant upgrades.

Oh my, ain't that the truth...

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