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Re: [TCML] VTTC grid feedback coil

Hi Steve,

Just a little update related to grids and running the coil today.
It looks to be that there was maybe a small gain from tweaking the
interrupter after all. I originally did not run too long or measure
carefully. Just a little running and the took the coil apart for some
different frequency measurements of the secondary free standing yesterday.
Still organizing these notes, so info later this weekend.
So today running the coil I broke the 30" mark. Getting 31" now :-) Also
the air seems a bit drier today, so may be some of this also. No other
changes done.
I did some more grid measurements today.
I got -159 volts @35ma.
Tube maximums:. -400 volts @60ma.
So everything is looking good like I thought it was going to be.

Hopefully you have been making some further gains.


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