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Re: [TCML] VTTC grid feedback coil

Hi Chris,

Yes I am using enameled heavy-build #22 magnet wire for the feedback coil. I used this because I had a lot left over from my SGTC project. I am now down to 14 turns after starting at 20 turns. Going from 20 turns to 16 turns made a performance difference but I didn't see any improvement going from 16 turns to 14 turns so I am stopping there in fear of going too far. Going to 14 turns did give me the ability to move the feedback coil closer to the primary coil, which is something that I wanted, thus moving it further away from the HV end of the secondary coil.

I added a power factor correction capacitor which reduced my wall power current draw by about 4 amps.

Today I am going to add more varnish to my secondary coil. I initially only used 3 coats but since I can feel the windings very easily I want to add a lot more varnish. I am also prompted to do this after reading accounts from some builders of the secondary windings coming loose in cold weather due to thermal expansion/contraction because they either didn't use varnish or they didn't use enough of it. Hopefully it won't change the tuning too much due to possibly increased inter-winding capacitance.


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Hi Steve,

Glad to hear that you are finally getting some gains from this. Welcome to
the 20's ! :-) Just out of curiosity are you using enameled #22 wire?

Me, last night I decided to tweak and tune my interrupter circuit a bit
better. Timing off just a little. Just wanted it better. Did this with my
scope. Was not really expecting any gains, and today after work I tested
the coil, no gains as I thought. Mainly wanted to be sure I did not mess it

I did not get to do all the measurements I wanted to do last weekend, so
hopefully this weekend.

So just 2" for you to go to be the acceptable minimum. Really would be cool
if you could get 30" also. Big difference in the arc intensity here.
Especially for a small coil and MOT powered.


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