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Re: [TCML] Eastern Voltage Research VTTC Staccato Controller - puzzled on "burst" output

Oops, fell off the list somehow, in our replies, so for the list:

I think I got them :^)

So quoting myself and John, in which I further explain a little of an
interesting result I had:

Quoting John:

"Yes, I see that.  The triggering duration is fully within the negative AC
half cycle
so it never turns on the VTTC."

Hi John,

I will admit, I probably did not word this the best.
But I want to say, this does indeed run the VTTC.
I will include another picture(1st pic) of the initial PW I started with
(which doesn't work) and then I slowly increased PW until it just started
to run the coil reliably, and I will include this picture again(2nd pic) in
the single link here.
This is what I call the "long lead" mode, which starts at the - zero
crossover.  And this gives the good long swords, instead of the wandering
shorter branchy ones. This is the minimum PW I found that I found that will
run the coil. And yes I can go wider still, as seen in previous pictures.

I will admit it does get confusing, since interrupter circuit triggers on
zero crossover, whether set for - or +
But a large majority of VTTC's are using level shifted power input.

I am also including another picture(3rd pic) in which I have just raised
the sine wave image on the scope up, to "mimic" the level shifted power the
coil is actually running on.


Again I just found this interesting.

Quoting John's reply:

"Yes interesting, I forgot about the level shifting changing the effective
trigger level or trigger point....."


Chris Reeland
Ladd Illinois USA

Sent from my LG V20

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