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Re: [TCML] cores/inductors for resonant charging

Now that is beautiful.Do you have additional details on the construction? How were the coil forms made for instance. Number of turns, layers. Where did you get that awesome core. Jay Howson
-------- Original message --------From: Teslalabor <teslalabor@xxxxxxxxxxx> Date: 11/6/19  5:58 AM  (GMT-05:00) To: Tesla Coil Mailing List <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> Subject: Re: [TCML] cores/inductors for resonant charging Hi Jim,I built a very cool charging reactor for my DC - System some years ago. It works absolutely perfect, does not require any oil and is bulletproof up to voltages 20kV or even more. I can adjust its inductance in a wide range by simply varying the air gap. For my 12kW DC Teslacoil I set it to 5,5 H, it run there with an primary capacitance of 92nF and break rate up to 400bps. Here are some photos of it, hope is works:https://bilderupload.net/bild/mNNg3https://bilderupload.net/bild/mNHbVhttps://bilderupload.net/bild/mNV91https://bilderupload.net/bild/mNnl7https://bilderupload.net/bild/mNwxMhttps://bilderupload.net/bild/mNd0Yhttps://bilderupload.net/bild/mNxBbhttps://bilderupload.net/bild/mNLPrhttps://bilderupload.net/bild/mNSyRRegards,StefanAm 05.11.2019 um 23:10 schrieb jimlux:> Does anyone have a link to sources for suitable cores (laminated, > presumably) for building a charging inductor, or a surplus source for > big inductors (20+ Henry, 20+ kV)>>> _______________________________________________> Tesla mailing list> Tesla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> https://www.pupman.com/mailman/listinfo/tesla>_______________________________________________Tesla mailing listTesla@tedward.pupman.comhttps://www.pupman.com/mailman/listinfo/tesla
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