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Re: [TCML] Coupling

Mike Tucknott wrote:

> Say the coil need 5 turns to be in tune, you could built
> the primary with 10 turns and you could move the inner and
> outer taps points in or out but still keeping the 5 turns
> needed to keep the coil in tune, the inner and outer turns
> passed the tap point would be electrialy dead so to speak.

It's easy enough to model the case.

With a horizontal bipolar that looks like


Solenoid secondary 20cm diam by 1.4m length, 1000 turns.

Plane spiral primary inner 40cm diam outer 60cm, 10 turns.

Taps at 1 and 4.75 turns for 'inner' k setting.
Taps at 6 and 9.25 turns for 'outer' k setting.

These taps chosen to give similar Lpri so that a
Cpri 29.5nF matches the secondary resonance at both
k settings.

Infinite ground plane, no walls or roof.

k with inner two taps in use: 0.20
k with outer two taps in use: 0.178

Well, not a huge change but a wider primary would presumably
enable more k range.  Time domain plot would probably reveal
any bad news about the volts on the free ends of the primary.

Paul Nicholson
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