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Re: [TCML] Old post, Sync. rotary phase effect

 Not necessarily. If your current limited NST can't fully charge the cap by the time your mains hit their peak, the cap can keep charging up to the point where its "charge" = NST output, which can occur after mains peak.

    On Friday, September 11, 2020, 2:57:22 PM EDT, shaun <snoggle@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:  
 I adj my sync gap using a scope, when the sine wave is at its peak is when
my gap is aligned and fires. The peak of the ac sine wave is when I want the
cap to discharge. So I set the gap to fire at precisely peak of the charging
sign wave. I want my tank cap in all cases to fully charge and that is at
the peak of the sign wave. So no matter what size tank cap I have, I want it
fully charged and that will always be at the peak of the sign. If it fired
any other place it would not be full charge. The peak ac don't change. 

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