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Re: [TCML] way off base

Loud, sustained cheers and applause for "Liberty Rising"! Instead of
spouting formulas and numbers, where there is a gazillion variables,
finally someone says to look at the simple things first and go from

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Achieving maximum Q is about considering ALL factors, physical
placement of
 components, build quality and materials used, symmetry and geometry,
 quality of electrical connections, environmental conditions
 wind and humidity), grounding, spatial considerations (ie were the
 is placed in relation to the floor, ceiling and surrounding objects
 may interfere with tuning) and of course, any changes to the values
of the
 electrical components themselves. If you alter capacitance and/or
 inductance anywhere in the device you will need to make adjustments
 achieve the general goal of hobby coiling, which is to produce the
 and most impressive looking and sounding streamers. You can plug
 into a program all day and build the "perfect" TC, but you can never
 on that program to give you the perfect results. Use theory and
programs to
 form a baseline, use your eyes, ears, your gut instincts and some
 grease to get the best results.

 On Sat, Sep 12, 2020 at 6:05 PM shaun  wrote:

 > I wish to apologize to all who tried to help me yesterday, but it
 > out
 > for the better. I had burned into my head that 100% of the time you
 > you synchronous spark gap to coincide with mains peak. I though
once set
 > should never have to adjust again unless it comes loose. Went back
 > reread Richie Burnetts info on synchronous spark gaps, wow was I
wrong as
 > many of you tried to point out. I read somewhere one time to set
 > breakpoint where it will get the highest voltage, therein the
problem, my
 > head said coincide with mains. With Richies info and what you guys
told me
 > got me over some problems that I would never have figured out
without this
 > thread. Thanks to all
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