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Re: [TCML] Need coil winding advice

Jim Harvey (UDN) wrote:
Greetings... (sorry if duplicate) I am designing my first TC and need to build a coil winder. My first
secondary coil will be:
Diameter: 4"
Length: 18 inches
Wire: 26 AWG

This is something you can easily wind by hand.
1) lay some strips of double stick scotch tape the length of your form. That way, the wire tends to stay down.

2) you need some little pieces of masking tape stuck to the table or surface near you (or on one of those little wrist holders that package wrappers used). When you get to every 100 turns or so, you can stick it down, and put the darn thing down.

3) put the spool of wire on the floor or table, with the axis vertical. Put a plastic funnel, the large diameter of which is somewhat bigger than the spool's OD, over the top of the spool and feed the wire up through it. That will tend to keep the wire from just falling off the spool, or you having to put the spool on an axle and then worry about it free spinning, etc.

have at it. You can trade hands (hold form in left, wind with right, then swap) etc.

In an hour or so, you'll be done.

Now.. if you are going to wind more of them, or the form is heavy enough that it won't just sit in your lap, a winding jig is nice to have.

Or, if you want to do the rotisserie scheme while coating it with paint or lacquer, you need a jig.

Check out the barbecue rotisseries.. cheap, they have the v blocks and the shaft, and they run at a convenient speed.
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