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Re: [TCML] Grounding Coil to Water Pipe

Brandon Hendershot wrote:
Wow, those are some interesting photos! The installer didn't even
remove the thick white paint from the pipe on my installatiuon...
Does anybody know who I could contact to find out whether or not my
pipes switch to PVC underground?

You can get an idea by looking at the pipe leaving the water meter, and at the pipe coming out of the ground into the dwelling. As for whom to contact, you can always check with your local (city/county) inspector's office to see if something is recorded, but that doesn't mean that work wasn't done off the books, and not recorded (which is often the case).

For these, and other reasons, it is generally not a good idea to rely on a water pipe for a ground, be it RF or house (unless the water pipe in question is used as a dedicated, low impedance conductor, unconnected to the water supply).

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