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KVA Effects - was: [TCML] need help

Hi Jim,

Wow, I didn't know that Jeff Parisse had sold KVA Effects! I quick check of the website (teslacoil.com) 
doesn't seem to reflect any change in ownership as Jeff is still mentioned. However, a check of the website 
phone number contact does reveal a Houston, TX vicinity area code prefix, though. Could anyone possibly 
elaborate further?


 From: Jim Lux <jimlux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: tesla@xxxxxxxxxx 
Sent: Saturday, February 16, 2013 3:57 PM
Subject: Re: [TCML] need help

Yup.  They don't fit in a convenient category for most hazards and insurance.

KVA Effects is a professional
> special effects company in Southern California that specializes in Tesla coil/
> high voltage effects and Jeff Parisse, their CEO, has voiced the exorbitant
> insurance costs for them to do the Tesla coil effects for hire on this forum.

I believe that Jeff has sold kVA Effects to another TCML member in the Carolinas...  But the point is well taken.. doing it as a "pro" on a regular basis costs a pretty penny in liability coverage.  They did trade shows, tv and movies, etc.

> (And they know what their doing!) I would suggest proposing your TC
> idea to the school administration to see if they would even allow it before you
> dive too deep into this project, unless you'd like to built a TC for your
> own enjoyment.

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