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Re: [TCML] DC SGTC charging inductor

I picked up a lot of my MOs between craigslist and freecycle, with a dozen or so from the local MO repair shop (when such a thing actually existed). If you post a wanted ad for "Microwaves: dead or alive", you will find yourself with a ready supply within a reasonable amount of time.


On 02/24/2013 02:36 PM, Dave Halliday wrote:
There is a local bi-weekly newspaper that offers free ads for personal
buying and selling (they make their money selling commercial advertising).
I posted an ad (under the appliances heading) for a couple months and wound
up getting about 40 dead ovens.

Also, I never followed through with this but you might also want to check
with local hotels and motels. They generally have a microwave in each room.
Explain to the manager that you are a starving student and need to use these
for a "science project" and see what happens.


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Speak for yourself, Tesla  ;o)

Around here, the local waste transfer station won't let me take old
microwaves any more, 'cause they say that their scrap value is too
high.  Only time I can snag an old MWO is if I see one that
someone has
left illegally at the curb on trash day, and even then, they
don't last

On top of that, the newest ovens use high frequency solid
state inverter
circuitry and a small coil resembling a glorified TV flyback
instead of the old big iron MOTs.  Utterly useless for TC

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