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RE: [TCML] PT TC Design

>>" Yes, 24 electrodes would probably be better or I suppose I could run the

disc on a belt-driven jack shaft with a 2:1 increase ratio."

Be carefull if you consider doing that. A coiler in the UK found the motor
didn't have the torque once it was geared up.
(Hard to generalise though, as it all depends on your own disc size and
electrode weight obviously, plus belt losses of course)

Phil Tuck


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Thanks Scott,

I have had no success getting JAVATC to run on my computer here at work. 
Will try again next week, when I have more time.

Yes, 24 electrodes would probably be better or I suppose I could run the 
disc on a belt-driven jack shaft with a 2:1 increase ratio.


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> Hi Tim,
>     Your system looks more or less Ok, but I have a few comments.  Let us
> start with the spark gap, with that configuration you will be getting 345
> BPS.  I think this is low, but I haven't actually done the math.  You want
> to shoot for your cap to be between 60 and 75% charged when the gap fires,
> so 30A*120V is 3600 Watts roughly; hmm, gut feeling maybe that is Ok, but
> you should check it on JAVATC to make sure.  Also take in consideration
> ballast current etc, will you be drawing a full 30 A or less?  My other
> comment is on the construction of your tank cap, I think it would benefit
> you in the long (and possibly the short run) to increase the voltage 
> rating
> of your tank cap.  14,400/.707=20347 peak volts, which is really close to
> the 24kV your tank provides, I think the rule of thumb is you want double
> or more of your peak volts, which would be closer to 40K.  If you don't
> wish to mortgage your house to buy caps, speed your break rate up
> substantially with 24 electrodes and provide active cooling for the cap
> bank, that way you still get 70% ish charge on the tank cap per firing, 
> but
> with a smaller capacitance and a much higher voltage rating.  A little 
> time
> in Java TC could help with this I think, just to make sure everything is
> balanced from a power draw standpoint.  Just my two cents...
> Scott Bogard.
> On Thu, Jun 6, 2013 at 2:26 PM, Tim Flood <tflood@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Finally got around to the initial planning stage of using my potential
>> transformer to power a new TC. Here are my basic component values based 
>> on
>> what I have on hand:
>> Power Supply - 14,400/120 GE potential transformer. Plan on starting with
>> a 30 amp breaker.
>> Capacitor - .062uF, 5 strings of 12@ .150uF  2000vdc
>> Primary - 14 turns of 1/4" cooper tube
>> Secondary - 8.5" dia.x 36" PVC, 1200 turns 22 ga. for a winding length of
>> 32"
>> Gap - ASRG, 12 electrodes on disc running at 1725 RPM powered by a 1/2 HP
>> DC motor w/AC controller
>> Toroid - 24" x 6"
>> Of course, I would like to obtain the longest spark length possible. This
>> is my initial starting point. Any input will be welcome and greatly
>> appreciated.
>> Thank you,
>> Tim

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