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Re: [TCML] Matt tesla

Hi Matthew,

Contempt for spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and basic grammar turns your run-on sentence emails into gibberish which is hard  to decode (and also rude). 


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im trying to find the frequencys with an ossillascope and signal generator but 
it did not go well and now i don't have the scope and generator since they were 
somone elses i was useing i googled how to do it and i ended up with 3 different 
frequencys doing the same thing 3 times

> On 5/16/13 7:38 PM, Matthew Hebb wrote:
> > yes the do apperntly since thats what ive been told i need and oh so
> > its basicly the same type of capacitor that spark gap ones use well
> > thats less complicated than i expected.
> So on another topic i have a
> > very odd thing happening when i use the system from my small spark
> > gap tesla coil to run my big coil ( just to tune it and see what i
> > can get with 9kv ) i get 2 foot sparks which is about the same as the
> > smaller coil got but here is the thing i need somone to explain to
> > me. For some reason there coming from the secondary not the torrid
> > the will come from all over the secondary arc wharever they want its
> > just crazy nothing comes from the torrid but if the torrids not there
> > nothing happens.... so what i wonder is is this caused by somthing
> > wrong with the coil or just because the system for my little coil is
> > not designed for this one?

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