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Re: [TCML] Matt tesla

Hi Matthew,

...fully concur with Matt Deming, while myself not beeing able to write really good English, 'cause my mother's language is (Swiss-)German. Keeping in mind, the mails of this list has in the thousands of readers worldwide, I try to make my few mails understandable for everybody.

Regards, Kurt

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Hi Matthew,

Contempt for spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and basic grammar turns your run-on sentence emails into gibberish which is hard to decode (and also rude).


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im trying to find the frequencys with an ossillascope and signal generator but it did not go well and now i don't have the scope and generator since they were somone elses i was useing i googled how to do it and i ended up with 3 different
frequencys doing the same thing 3 times

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