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Re: [TCML] Centre tapped mot stacks

Hi Team

Like many on the list I've run MOT cores floating and some earthed. In all cases I've grounded the centre MOT cores and HV centre point as well

I think a ground at this point makes sense to control the voltage gradients in a more predictable manner by making at least one reference point. I imagine when cores are floated the voltage gradients then become the subject of leakage and stray capacitances. I would see the floating of the outer cores as providing the ability to share the voltage stress between the secondary to core and the primary to core. Naturally the primary is referenced to ground in all cases where it is directly connected to the mains.

IMHO it is probably reasonable to float the outer MOTs in a stack. In my case up to 6 MOT (3 per side) with ALL outer MOT's in oil has worked well whether the outer MOT cores were floated or not. The only risk I see is that a flash over will directly connect the HV supply to mains (via the arc) but given the normal precautions needed with this HV this is not a significant extra hazard. On this point I've not seen much comment and would welcome any thoughts the list may have

Best from NZ
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