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Re: [TCML] VTTC grid feedback coil

Hi Steve,

Sounding better on your grid winding. I also agree lowering this closer to
primary if possible is better also. As you already know, should be better
for eliminating possible shorts.

Your PFC currently for how your coil is running now sounds good. This
should also help you since you are taking this portable coil around with
you. You may not always be able to plug into 20A 120V line. Could be 15A ,
especially if an older place as you know, should be able to just run I
think with current PFC.

Sounds like a good idea to coat a bit heavier, again since you are taking
this around. Sounds like you are thinking about the temperature extremes it
is possibly going to see during transport. Then running inside, then back.
If it was me I would also feel better about doing this.


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